• Model Builder for Excel
    Model Builder for Excel
    Goal Seeker for Excel will automatically, allow you getting goal seek solutions in a cell (or entire range) changing a specific value in a cell (or range).
  • Multi Scenarios Manager for Excel
    Multi Scenarios Manager for Excel
    Multi Scenarios Manager for Excel is a powerful tool which will allow you to create and evaluate your models' scenarios in Excel.
  • Spreadsheet Auditor for Excel
    Spreadsheet Auditor for Excel
    Analyze and correct errors in a simple, easy manner – just in seconds – probably saving you millions of Dollars, or your lifetime savings.
  • Conditional Formatting
    Conditional Formatting for Excel
    Analyze your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets' information easily and swiftly, using "n" levels of Conditional Formatting available with this powerful tool.


  • R&D Tax Credit Workbook
    R&D Tax Credit Workbook
    Start collecting data to support your R&D Tax Refund Claim with Excel. Depending on which country your R&D activities are performed you company can receive: A refund of tax already paid, etc.
  • @RISKAccelerator
    @RISKAccelerator is designed to handle large, time-consuming @RISK simulations quickly and efficiently by maximizing the use of available hardware.
  • Alyuda NeuroFusion
    Alyuda NeuroFusion
    All Programs Complete Set Gold Edition supplies all our Excel templates/workbooks for business finance applications.
  • RISKOptimizer Developer Kit
    RISKOptimizer Developer Kit
    The RODK allows you to build genetic algorithm optimization models that also incorporate Monte Carlo simulation using Windows and .NET programming languages, such as C, C#, C++, Visual Basic , or Visual Basic .NET or any other Windows programming language.
  • Rainbow Analyst
    Rainbow Analyst
    Rainbow Analyst assure the reliability of your work! Find easily with a glance errors in your Excel models or have a quick in-depth analysis of models developed by others.
  • The Performance Organiser
    The Performance Organiser
    The Performance Organiser a general purpose business analysts tool kit, is the ideal tool for those who need to describe in detail how their organisation functions.
  • BillMate Invoicing Software
    BillMate Invoicing Software
    BillMate Invoicing Software is a versatile and easy to use finance management system for small and medium sized companies. The use of the software is easy to learn due to the clear and graphic user interface.
  • Quotes4u
    Quotes4u believe it. Save 100s and get access to international markets.
  • Investment Valuation
    Investment Valuation
    Investment Valuation template is ideal for evaluating a wide range of investment and business case scenarios.
  • ESQuotes - Real time stock quotes
    ESQuotes - Real time stock quotes
    ESQuotes is a powerful Microsoft Excel workbook and Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for stocks and mutual funds. Stock quotes are retrieved direct from Internet without downloading.



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  • Dashboard Tools for Excel + Tools for Excel Tables
    You don't figure out what they can do for you. Dashboard Tools for Excel + Tools for Excel Tables, by only:
    US$ 69.95
  • Stock Quotes for Excel + Exchange Rates for Excel
    Two useful Online Functions: Stock Quotes for Excel + Exchange Rates for Excel By just $ 74.95

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