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  Categorizing Data for Excel    
Categorizing Data for Excel

Categorizing Data for Microsoft Excel 2.5.0

If your problem consists in categorizing or stratifying specific data of your Excel spreadsheet information, then this tool is the solution.


  • One year support
  • Free resources
  • If you acquire Categorizing Data for Excel you can upgrade to Excel Model Builder or Model Assistant Suite paying only the difference.
Categorizing Data for Excel

Price: US$ 29.95

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Insert Heat Maps and Traffic Lights

Insert HeatmapsInsert Heatmaps

A heatmap is a graphical representation of data where the values taken by a variable, in a two-dimensional (or more) map, etc.

Heatmaps MultidimensionalHeatmaps Multidimensional

Create Heatmaps combining Image, Font, color, backcolor Cell, Text & font type....

Rules TableRules Table

With this function you can insert an example that you can re-use or edit according to you convenience to make the categorization from your data.


This option refresh all saved models in your active workbook as modified at the data base.

Manage ModelsManage Models

Through this functionality you will be able to manage in a simple way the refreshing of data.

Options - Delete ImagesOptions - Delete Images

From this page you can insert images from the dialog box, simply, choose one cell and select the image you wish.

Options - Delete IconsOptions - Delete Icons

With this function you can delete inserted icons inside the selected range.


Categorize Databases

Extract unique cases Extract unique cases

This tool extracts unique values from a column in a database.

Time stratification Time stratification

This useful tool stratifies a database, by adding one more column to the database being observed.

Test the "stratification table sufficiency"Test the "stratification table sufficiency"

To stratify a database we need a stratification table.

Consolidate ranges Consolidate ranges

With this tool you can consolidate ranges of different sheets in the open workbooks as closed workbooks as well.

Stratification 1 to 1 Stratification 1 to 1

Stratification 1 to 1 was created to deal with the frequent need of stratifying a database.

Conditional text Conditional text

Some times we want to select only the first row or first column of a specific range, but when it is too extensive, this task is very hard to accomplish.

Extract rowExtract record
Some times we want to select only the first row or first column of a specific range, but when it is too extensive, this task is very hard to accomplish.
Split field - By groups Split field - By groups

Use Split field by groups to split a database in multiple data groups

Split field - By date Split field - By date

Split field by date is the ideal tool to split a database according to date-type criteria such as year, month, day, week or weekday.



Toggle settings Toggle settings

This powerful tool has been crated to do away with such loss of time.

Freeze | divide panes Freeze | divide panes

We sometimes work with models whose information does not fit in the screen.

Sheets manager Sheets manager

A comprehensive tool that will make any worksheet management task easier to you.

Export sheets as... Export sheets as...

Use the "Export sheets as..." tool, and simplify this task.

Workbooks manager Workbooks manager

Managing your open workbooks is made easy with the Workbook manager tool.

My Favorites My Favorites

Do you need to manage many folders, workbooks and worksheets in one place? Use this powerful tool to select and manage them all.




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