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Chart Tools for Excel

Chart Tools for Microsoft Excel 2.0.3

With Chart Tools for Excel, never it has been so easy to work with Excel charts!


  • One year support
  • Free resources
  • If you acquire Chart Tools for Excel you can upgrade to Spreadsheet Presenter or Model Builder for Builder paying only the difference.
Chart Tools for Excel

Price: US$19.95

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    Advanced Tools


Save chart style Save chart style

To save a model select a graphic, place a name and description and finally click on the "Save chart's formats" button.

Apply chart styles Apply chart styles

To apply a saved format, select the Save chart Styles opcion.

View active book charts View active book charts

Allows visualizing the graphics in the active book.

Save Chart Save Chart

This tool let you to save a chart or an other selection as a file.

Add Label Add Label

Add labels to your charts with this tool, either to them all or to selected ones.

Move Labels Move Labels

Use this tool to move the labels already posted in a chart.

Add Images Add Images

Add images to series points in your charts with this tool.

Copy and Paste Format Copy and Paste Format

The following example shows how to use Copy & Paste chart format tool.

Resize Charts Resize Charts

Resize your charts with this tool –e.g. make them all the same size.

Toggle settings Toggle settings

This powerful tool has been crated to do away with such loss of time.

Tips Tips

This tool has a tips system that will help you to accomplish some useful tasks.




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