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  Color Palette for Excel    
Color Palette for Excel

Color Palette for Microsoft Excel 3.2.2

Bring life, color and style to your Excel charts and reports.


  • If you acquire Color Palette for Excel you can upgrade to Spreadsheet Presenter or Model Builder for Excel paying with 10% off.

Color Palette for Excel



    Advanced Tools


Color Palette Settings Color Palette Settings

Use Color Palette Settings, a customizable tool to add many colors to your graphics as you want.

Favorite paletteFavorite palette

Apply your Favorite Palette to your chart using this tool.

Display or hide grid lines Display or hide grid lines

Use this button to Display or hide grid lines.

Clarify/Intensify color Clarify/Intensify color

You will be able to simulate different tones of a color, clarifying or intensifying the background of a cell or range.

Toggle Settings Toggle Settings

Use Change Zoom to zoom the active spreadsheet or a specific area.

Copy colors from Copy colors from

If you want to copy the customised palette of the open book wished, simply click on Copy colors from button.

Select alternate rows Select alternate rows

Read or modify database lists easier using Select Alternate Rows.

Export sheet Export sheet

Use Export Sheet to export a sheet with values or as the original with their formulas.

Arrange windowsArrange windows

If you wish you can open a new window and organize them.




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