Model Builder for Excel 3.1.1 (23/06/2010)

In this new version 3.1.1 of Model Builder for Excel we have added:

  • Compatibiliy with Excel 2010.
  Model Builder for Excel 3.1.0 (05/06/2010)

In this new version 3.1.0 of Model Builder for Excel we have added:

  • Quick Styles : Quick Styles- Settings
  • Autoformat
  • Gallery Images
  • View in active book chart
  • Add labels
  • Move labels
  • Add images
  • Resize charts
  • Manage comments.
  • Compatibiliy with Excel 2010.
  Model Builder for Excel 2.4.1 (27/10/2009)

In this new version 2.4.1 of Model Builder for Excel we have added:

  • Validations to load the cells references tracker panel correctly.
  Model Builder for Excel 2.4.0 (01/08/2009)

In this new version 2.4.0 of Model Builder for Excel we have added:

  • Format settings
  • A panel has been added to the version 2007 to improve the access and navigation on the following tools (cells references tracker,model navigator,cells watcher)
  Model Builder for Excel 2.3.1 (01/07/2009)

In this new version 2.3.1 of Model Builder for Excel we have added:

  • Validations for sheets with spaces in the name
  VERSION 2.3.0 (1/2/2009)

In this new version 2.3.0 of Model Builder for Excel

-New wizard for the 'Consolidator' tool
-New wizard for the 'Multi-sheets consolidator' tool
-Now the Muti-sheets consolidator allow you consolidate sheets with the same name.

Now, it consolidates unlimited closed workbooks and unlimited sheets (limited by the computer memory only).

  VERSION 2.2.0 (20/09/2008)

In this new version 2.2.0 of Model Builder for Excel

  • New consolidate ranges tool
  VERSION 2.1.1 (06/05/2008)

In this new version 2.1.1 of Model Builder for Excel

  • Correction to delete names in the name manager tool
  VERSION 2.1.0 (05/07/2008)

In this new version 2.1.0 of Model Builder for Excel

  • Names Manager
    - New validations for external links' detection with errors have been added.
    - New option for detection of names not used
  • Sheets Manager
    - The tool available to copy the themes of colors in Excel 2007 has been modified.
  • Copy Colors from
    - Tool available to copy the themes of colors in Excel 2007 has been modified.
  VERSION 2.0.1 (04/18/2008)

*Name's manager
The function to select several names at the same time has been added, allowing Delete, hide and make visible only the selected names.

toggle settings
New validations have been made in order to avoid delays in the loading of the form

  VERSION 2.0.0 (1/24/2008)

Categorize database

  • An option to create dynamic tables has been added in the form categorize database.
  • The option categorize database has been modified to allow the visualization of categories per colors.
  VERSION 1.3.4
  • -Cells references tracker
    Corrected algorithm.
  • -Name's manager
    Enhanced functionality.
  VERSION 1.3.3
  • Cells references tracker
    Improvement of the Navigation's algorithm among cells
  • Erase auditing arrows
    Enhanced functionality.
  • Online videos
  VERSION 1.3.2
  • Name's manager
    Name's filter has been improved.
  • Cell's watcher
    Enhanced functionality.
  • In block formulas analyzer
    A new function to apply Highlights and another to clear arrows,
    gridlines and highlights has been added.
  • Toggle settings
    Toggle settings, regrouping buttons for a bigger versatility.
    The distribution of the buttons in the ribbon has been improved.
  • Chart analysis
    Depuration about routines of creation and graphic retrieval.
  VERSION 1.3 (2007)
  • Consolidate ranges(new)
  • Cells references tracker; - Implementation of new controles to improve the detail's view of the detection of precedents and dependents. - A Functionality to evaluate the result of the selected section in a formula. - Cell's detection (precedents and dependents) with comments.
  • Quick references changer; Modifitation of the interface in order to load the values direclty to the dialogue box.
  • Implementation of the menus type ribbon to office 2007.
  VERSION 1.2 (2007)
  • Added a Compare Ranges tool.
  • Added a Test for Hidden Data tool.
  • Added a Dyman Conditional Text tool .
  • Improved the Conditional Formatting tool; now, with auto-refreshing function.
  • Improved the Toggle Settings tool; now, a new interface.
  • Improved the Link's Manager tool; now, a new interface and links detection.
  • Improved the My Favorites tool; now, a new section of logos.
  • Improved the Change Palette tool; now, with a new palette ("Desert").
  VERSION 1.1 (11/24/2006)

We have added a new tool:

  • Conditional Text which is a tool suitable to format cells in a range/database based on a criterion previously specified in the decision table.
  VERSION 1.01 (09/30/2006)

New tools added:

  • Breakeven
  • Multi-sheets Consolidator
  • Detailed Consolidation

Tools improved:

  • Links manager
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