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Merlin - Project management Software

Merlin - Project wizards

Merlin is the model tool for project management for Mac OS X. Merlin is a compact but powerful project management application, with which each user can effortlessly plan a variety of projects.
We, however, did not just develop Merlin to support you with the planning of your projects. In many areas Merlin shows you entirely new and very practical ways to save additional information in your projects. Explore and surprise yourself with the range of features Merlin offers, that were developed, by project managers for project managers.

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Pimero 2007

Pimero Software

With Pimero2007 Bring your appointments, contact and tasks on your notebook "when you are on the go" and whatever you add change or delete will be automatically synchronized with your home computer when you connect your notebook back to your local network. The synchronization, of course, works in both directions. From your home computer to your notebook and the other way around.

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Team @ work

Team @ Work

Team@Work is a Workflow / Project Management system. It coordinates the work of team members by automatically distributing tasks according to predefined rules. It is designed from the ground up for the specific needs of organizations with 50 to 5,000 employees. Yet it offers the kind of advanced functionality typically seen only in expensive, high-end Business Process Management solutions that are practical only in large corporations.

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How to
How can I consolidate the data from two different Excel workbooks?

You should use Spreadsheet Consolidator.
Watch this online video.

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